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International Summer School (Medieval and Early Modern Studies) à Brno (Tchéquie)


9-12 septembre


Nicolas Bock, MER, Université de Lausanne

Ivan Foletti, pa, Brno University

Ana Marinkovich, pa, Zagreb University

Jasenka Gudelji, pa, Zagreb University




Ivan Foletti, pa, Brno University

Ján Klípa, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Institute of Art HistoryDeputy Director for Research

Adrien Palladino, Rome, Bibliotheca Hertziana

Veronika Tvrzníková, doctorante, Brno University

Martin Jakubčo,doctorant, Brno University

Jan Galetta,doctorant, Brno University




International summer school: (Moravian) Middle ages in the Mirror of the 20th century

Between 9th and 12th of September, the International Summer School "(Moravian) Middle ages in the Mirror of the 20th century" will take place at Masaryk University in Hans Belting Library. The summer school will be held in cooperation with University of Lausanne in Switzerland and University of Zagreb in Croatia. The main goal is to create a mutual international dialogue among the PhD students of the history of art. The program will focus on the evaluation of historiographic approaches in the Czechoslovak history of art within the European horizon.

The schedule of the programm is divided into two sessions. First, two all-day excursions to Brno and Olomouc will acquaint the group with the most important medieval works of art. The visits will be organized by the students of the Brno Department of Art History. This first part is followed by a series of lectures from scholars from the Czech Academy of Sciences, the Masaryk University in Brno and some selected PhD students. The summer school program will end with a group of foreign students presenting their own research from a historiographical point of view.


Sunday - 9. September


Brno - Excursion with contributions from students of medieval art history from Masaryk university*


Anton Pilgram in Brno (church of St. James)


The Pieta from the church of Saint Thomas in Brno, 14th century


The Church of Old Brno, 14th century


The Column of Zderad in Brno, 15th century


Monday - 10. September


Ivan Foletti, Russian Inputs in Czechoslovakia (1920-1930)


Ján Klípa, Medieval Art in Silesia - Battlefield of National Historiographies.


Adrien Palladino – Sabina Rosenbergová, The figure of Anton Pilgram in Brno: between Czech and German (-Austrian) historiography


Veronika Tvrzníková, Role of Wilhelm Worringer in Czech historiography


Martin Jakubčo, Nomadic cultures and its role in creation of medieval art in central Europe from historiographical point of view


Jan Galetta, Historiographical images of medieval Brno


Tuesday - 11. September


Olomouc - Excursion with contributions by students of medieval art history from Masaryk university*


Town hall of Olomouc, Chapel of St. Jerome, 15th century


Church of Saint Maurice, 14th – 15th centuries in Olomouc


Rajhrad Altarpiece, the first half of the 15th century


Mount of Olives – sculptural group, second half of the 15th century in Olomouc


Group of medieval Madonnas from Olomouc Museum of Art

Alternatives - Saint Wenceslas Cathedral in Olomouc, 12th – 14th: 19th-century reconstruction / Frescoes of the Cloister of the Olomouc Cathedral after 1500 / Frescoes in The Church of The Immaculate Conception of The Virgin Mary, 1500


Wednesday - 12. September

Presentations of foreign students will present their own research from the historiographical point of view, taking into account main historical events of the 20th century.


Brno, Tchéquie



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